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We work on community and economic development projects that can improve quality of life and economic outcomes for residents and small businesses of Youngstown, Ohio.


Youngstown Prosperity provides grant writing and consulting services for other non-profit organizations in Youngstown and spearheads community and economic development projects.

URC Grows

Community Land Trust

Youngstown's East End

Working with United Returning Citizens (URC) to bring racial justice and equity into the cannabis industry.

Organizing Youngstown's first CLT to represent the community's needs and interests and preserve affordability.

Working with small businesses to revitalize Youngstown's East End for recreation and entertainment.


Our projects are dynamic and multifaceted. Our community is a resource, and we can find a place for whatever knowledge, skills, or expertise you want to offer. Let us know which project(s) you're interested in.

How can you help?

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch.

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